ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced

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ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced

Multilayered technology, machine learning and human expertise combined with automated security management.

Protection against targeted attacks


Protection against ransomware

Prevention of fileless attacks

Remote management

This solution supports:

Security Management Center

ESET Security Management Center is an easy-to-use management console that can be installed on Windows and Linux servers, or be implemented as VA. Provides real-time management of on-site and off-premises devices and full reporting for ESET business solutions on all operating systems. All of these features are managed from one place.

Protection of endpoints and file servers

This new generation of ESET Endpoint Protection platform combines strong protection against malware, vulnerabilities and ransomware. All ESET’s endpoint products have the ability to detect malware pre-execution, during execution and post-execution. Focusing on the whole of the malware lifecycle, not just on a specific part, allows ESET to provide the highest level of protection possible..

Use cases: Fileless attacks


Fileless malware is a relatively new threat and due to it only existing in memory requires a different approach then traditional file-based malware.


  • A unique ESET technology, Advanced Memory Scanner, protects against this type of threat by monitoring the behavior of malicious processes and scanning them once they decloak in memory.
  • Reduce data gathering and investigation time by uploading threat into ESET Threat Intelligence to provide information on how the threat functions.
  • Multilayered technology, machine learning and human expertise provide our customers with the best level of protection possible.

User testimonials

“ESET was just what we were looking for – light processing power, reliable protection and cost scalable, yet easy to deploy and manage centrally.”

Richard Ford, Head of IT at SWFC

ESET #1 in AV Comparatives Performance test in May 2019.

ESET achieves highest score in SE Labs test in Q1 2019.

ESET Endpoint Security was named the best business antivirus for MacOS.

ESET ranked highest final score by VBSpam test in June 2019.

ESET Endpoint Security Advanced (EESA) license
enables the use of the following programs for:


  • ESET Endpoint Security for Windows,
  • ESET Endpoint Security for macOS,
  • ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux Desktop,
  • ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows,
  • ESET Endpoint Antivirus for macOS.

Mobile devices

  • ESET Endpoint Security for Android – EESA
  • MDM for iOS

File servers

  • ESET File Security for MS Windows server
  • ESET File Security for Linux server

Centralized administration

  • ESET Security Management Centar 7.x (ESMC)
  • ESET Remote Administrator 6.x (ERA)


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