Retrieve License Details

If you have lost or forgotten your license information (license key, username or password), you can have it resent to your email address by sending an e-mail to (please use the email address that you provided when you purchased or activated the software).

If you know your license Public ID or your ESET username, please include them in your e-mail.

How to find your ESET username or Public ID

Open your ESET product and press the letter “u” while holding down the “CTRL” key (Ctrl+U).
Your username and/or Public ID will appear in the License details window.

Business users can use the same procedure to retrieve their licence information (and the *.lic license file for older business programs).

Change of your email address

In case you changed your e-mail address, you need to inform us of this change before requesting your license details. Please notify us of the change of your e-mail address in writing to and include both your previous and your new e-mail addresses.