ESET Full Disk Encryption

Add encryption and enhance your organization’s security 


protected users worldwide


business users


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ESET Full Disk Encryption

Data encryption is one of security measures that help your organization meet the personal data protection requirements 

Helps your company comply with data protection regulations (GDPR and others)

Remote management and monitoring

Prevents unauthorized use of confidential information

Reliable full disk encryption native to ESET remote management consoles

ESET Full Disk Encryption provides powerful encryption managed natively by ESET remote management consoles, and increases your organization’s data security to meet compliance regulations.

  • Encrypt system disks, partitions or entire drives

  • Manage from ESET Cloud Administrator and ESET Security Management Center

  • Deploy, activate and encrypt devices in a single action


protected by ESET since 2017
more than 9,000 endpoints

protected by ESET since 2016
more than 4,000 mailboxes

protected by ESET since 2016
more than 14,000 endpoints

ISP security partner since 2008
2 million customer base

The ESET advantage

Flexible licensing
A separate license key gives you freedom to purchase encryption for only as many devices as you need.

Add additional devices at any time
You can increase the number of devices covered by your license at any time.

Add-on feature
ESET Full Disk Encryption can be purchased only as an addition to a new or existing ESET business solution license. If you are an existing ESET business customer, please contact your local reseller.

ESET Full Disk Encryption

Supported operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7


Looking for granular encryption capabilities?
Try ESET Endpoint Encryption

Simple and reliable ESET Endpoint Encryption solution enables you to:

  • encrypt entire disks and partitions
  • encrypt individual files and directories
  • encrypt e-mail messages



What our customers say about ESET Endpoint Encryption

The pilot was set up in a real-time environment and we found ESET Encryption to be extremely user-friendly, with its web-based interface. The Enterprise Server was very good, even allowing control of devices over the internet, independent of network or directory structure.

– Simon Goulding, Network Services Analyst, Aster Group, UK