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Dynamic endpoint security for mid-size businesses

Manage your company IT security from a single web console. Ensure business continuity, minimize downtime and benefit from ESET’s light footprint and flexible licensing.


Easy to use, single interface management of your endpoint security

ESET PROTECT (ESET Security Management Center) provides a real-time overview of all your on-premise and off premise endpoints via an enterprise-grade console. Benefit from full reporting and security management for all operating systems.

  • Complete network visibility
  • Full security management
  • Flexible reporting
  • Automated security management
  • Comply with data protection regulations with remotely manageable ESET Full Disk Encryption add-on

Better technology, more effective protection

ESET’s multilayered technology allows you to detect and react to cyber threats fast and effectively. Check out our advanced technologies.

Ransomware shield

This technology monitors and evaluates applications and processes as they run. Any that trigger reputation warnings or display suspicious behaviour are detected and blocked – and you are alerted.

ESET LiveGrid

Our custom-built global detection system receives data from 110 million sensors worldwide. ESET LiveGrid® gathers signs of emerging threats in order to detect and block them before they strike.

Machine learning

ESET’s proprietary engine uses the combined power of neural networks and specially designed algorithms to identify samples as clean, potentially unwanted or malicious.

Get the level of protection that’s right for your business

Each package includes individual standalone products for endpoint and server security, which have been bundled for your convenience.


ESET PROTECT Essential On-Prem (aka ESET Endpoint Protection Standard)



  • Endpoint protection
  • File server protection
  • Mobile device protection



(ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced)


  • Endpoint protection and firewall
  • File server protection
  • Mobile device protection



(aka ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud)


  • Endpoint protection and firewall
  • File server protection
  • Mobile device protection

*Mobile security is not manageable via ESET Cloud Administrator at the moment.

Protected by ESET since 2017, more than 9000 endpoints

Protected by ESET since 2016, more than 4000 mailboxes

Protected by ESET since 2016, more than 14000 endpoints

ISP partner since 2008, customer base in excess of 2 million

Award-winning record of endpoint protection excellence

ESET has been winning industry awards for complete endpoint protection for more than 20 years. We’ve achieved an industry first by winning one hundred VB100 awards for malware detection.

Our convenient and easy to use multi-platform, antimalware security comes with web control, firewall and anti-spam filter. Benefit from light-on-your-system, advanced layers of protection for endpoints and networks.

Outstanding results of ESET Endpoint Security solution in the recent Real-World Protection Test

In June 2020 ESET received the VB100 certification, its 110th VB100 award in a row

ESET recognised for peak excellence in the category of usability in the AV Test annual test results

ESET achieved the highest final score in the March 2020 VBSpam test

Customer story

“I would definitely recommend ESET to other companies based on performance but also the support too, which is great. I think the manageability is the best you can get.”

Mark Kaiser, IT Specialist